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Chronology of Major Events 2009 - Page 2

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Relations with India

29 November:India and Canada reached an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation after months of hectic negotiations, paving the way for supply of Canadian atomic technology, equipment and uranium to India.


European Union

Strategic Profile

1 January:The Czech Republic took over the European Union presidency from France.

13 July:A landmark agreement over Nabucco pipeline was inked between the European Union and Turkey. The 3,300km conduit plans to become operational in 2014 and aims to reduce European reliance on Russian gas supplies.

3 November:Czech President Vaclav Klaus signed the revised Lisbon Treaty that paved the way for its enforcement within the 27 member EU in the days to come.

19 November:Belgian Prime Minister Herman Von Rompuy was elected EU’s first President, while Britain’s Catherine Ashton was named High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Relations with India

6 November:The 10th India-EU Summit held at New Delhidecided to put the negotiations for a Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) on the fast track. However, India also made it clear that only trade and investment issues would be up for negotiations and it would not talk on non-trade issues like child labour and environmental laws.

6 November:India and EU signed an agreement in the field of fusion energy research and agreed to conclude a broad-based trade and investment agreement as swiftly as possible. Both sides also agreed to expand their cooperation in countering terrorism by accelerating negotiations between Europol and the Indian agencies.

22 December:The EU termed the Copenhagen Summit a ‘disaster’ and blamed India, China and US for the ‘weak’ document by stating that the accord does not match the climate needs.


Strategic Profile

30 April:Prime Minister Gordon Brown unveiled Britain’s new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy with the stress on Pakistan’s need to give higher priority to problems of terrorism and violent extremism over other issues.

23 June:In a dramatic escalation of diplomatic tensions, Britain expelled two Iranian diplomats in retaliation against Iran’s expulsion of two British diplomats regarding the accusation that Britain had fomented the post-election turmoil.

29 August:British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited British troops in Afghanistan to counter criticism that the war effort was being undermined by a lack of equipment and personnel. He called for accelerated efforts to train Afghan soldiers and police so that they could take more burden of battling Taliban insurgents.

Relations with India

15 January: India reacted sharply to the views of British Foreign Minister David Miliband over Jammu and Kashmir issue where he said that resolving the issue between India and Pakistan would help deny extremists from taking up arms as a reason.

23 January:The British Foreign Office said Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s remarks on Kashmir that infuriated the Indian government were “fully consistent” with Britain’s stated view that any conflict likely to be exploited by terrorists to “kill and maim” innocent people should be resolved quickly.

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